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Let's Go back In Time...

October 08, 2007

It happened by accident, I swear.

David McInnis begat PRWeb. PRWeb begat syndicated text-based media as marketing.

I begat the optimization of press releases for best syndication, reads, distribution, results.

And here we are, nearly a decade down the road. Everything has changed. But most of it remains the same.

Media is still media. Words, pictures, sound, video.

But now Marshall McLuhan's message rings more true than ever: The Medium is the Message.
Or more accurately: the MEDIA is the message.

And so here we are: RichContent. Birthed in a verbal dialog with Tim Draper.
An accidental conversation over canapes in Silicon Valley.
Waiting, waiting, waiting for the web to get wired with big, fat pipes.

And now they're here.

You and I have a unique opportunity to use those pipes to do our bidding.
To create a tangled web that mentions your name. Your idea. Your company.

To make those surfers on those pipes land in your lap.

That's what this is all about: Flow.

Directing flow. Managing flow. Increasing flow.

We'll cover the details shortly. A little history, a lot of fresh insights.

Thanks for joining us. More in a bit.

Mark Alan Effinger

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