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Radiohead Says: Stop the Traffic

May 06, 2008

Here's a beautifully haunting ad, composed by Radiohead and Thom Yorke.

Thom is one of those unique artists who plays in a big sandbox.

The InRainbows album was also one of those wonderfully outside the box examples that has the whole media universe rethinking the model of how to monetize media

Give people choice. Allow them to set the price. Amazing things happen.

David McInnis, founder of PRWeb.com, did exactly the same thing. He called it "Fair Commerce": Pay what you feel is fair TODAY, for your media exposure. That was one of the top 10 genius moments for David and PRWeb.

Back to Radiohead: In an interview with David Byrne, Thom mentioned that "we made more income from In Rainbows than from all of our prior albums combined, until the end of time".

Rethinking business models is so important. Especially when it's so easy to reduce or even eliminate friction from the system.

What can you do, today, to rethink your business model, and look at the world through your customer's eyeballs? What is the risk? What about the potential reward?

The web is uniquely built for just this sort of experimentation. You can set up A/B comparison sites and test which model achieves the greatest returns. You can query your customers in real-time.

Doing so will completely change your business... maybe even for the better.

More on that later. I am about to rant about clients who want TONS of traffic, but won't invest in improving their online sales process.


To rethinking your future... today.
Mark Alan Effinger

P.S. One of the most important things we can do is provide voice to the voiceless. Can you believe this sort of thing is still happening in the "modern world"?