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7,200,000,000 Online Videos

Per Month.
That's a figure I ran across while sitting down with "The Designful Company". I picked the book up at MacWorld (actually David McInnis picked it up, and I immediately stole it from him).

Phenomenal book, really. Marty Neumeier is a new hero when it comes to clear, concide and mind expanding ideas.

So... 7 BILLION. That's quite the number.

I'll expound on how that relates to online images, podcasts, articles, PR and blog posts in a bit.
But first, a word from our sponsor:

Pretty funny. And very true.
Social media is definitely the future (or, ummm, the present). GOOD social media is still few and far between.

Ask yourself: Are you simply creating a bunch of "stuff" on the web?

Or are you creating a sustainable, dynamic, valuable collection of media ASSETS that you can build on?

Let's hope it's the latter. The web has enough crap. You know it the moment you open your email inbox in the morning. Or try to decipher a Google Search Result.

Let's clean up the web, and in the process, create a stronger, more valuable brand presence that reinforces your story, mission and customer affinity.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy, and let's talk about how we can work together to improve the quality, story and reach of your message... and measure what's happening with your media in the blogosphere.best,
Mark Alan Effinger


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