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Search Marketing World 2008

Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus compiled an excellent post regarding "the state of online PR in Search marketing" at the recent 2008 Search Marketing World Conference.

Lievanssearch_marketing_world The majority of the post/article reads like the text from a good Powerpoint presentation (or, for those of us who like REAL presentation tools, an Apple Keynote...;-).

The gist of it?

Old line PR is still holding onto their legacy approach of gladhanding/smile and dial to get in the news. Which is great... if we're in Gotham City and Batman is real, and the web didn't adopt social media.

But it did. Well, at least WE did.
You and me.

So the result is there are PR firms currently languishing "inside the firewall". Holding tightly to their media and protecting their turf. They believe that a mention in the NY TImes or WSJ will give them all the horsepower they need to further their client's needs.

Not so.

You need to measure "success" in a number of ways:

1) Number of mentions for your brand. If we're doing our job, the sites on which we promote our client's media assets will show dominantly in the SERPs. The more places visitors can click, the better the chance for recognition... and even sales conversion.

2) Universal Search Results. If you haven't heard me beat that drum (in 9/8 time), just go back a post or two. I assure you this is one of the top 10 areas of focus for our clients. And a key metric you need to understand.

3) Total traffic to your media assets. The higher the flow, the greater your chance of picking-off visitors and gaining recognition. The old-line metric of 'exposures' is still relevant.

4) Media integrity: ensuring your most visible assets in online searchers relate to your brand and products. And does the media help convert visitors in some worthwhile manner?

There are plenty more, but the kids are pulling at my sleeves to get to the movies. Seems media is my life, whether online or in our favorite second-run theater.

Warm regards,
Mark Alan Effinger


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