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Amy Tan Gets Visible

This is a quick musing by a talented author who, given this short video, is also an insightful human being.
I bring this to your attention because it has to do with "search". Finding things.

And doing so outside of normal channels. Being present enough to see the invisible... or what was previously invisible to you.

See, I've been studying the inside story on corporate search. You know, the kind that goes on inside the firewall. The numbers they use to define data are amazing: Terabytes of data that needs sifting and tagging and organizing and indexing... man, there's a lot of work to do INSIDE the firewall.

Let alone OUTSIDE of it.

But one thing I've noticed in the hundreds of companies I've worked with: There is always someone inside the organization, and usually not in the top ranks, but someone critical to the program. They're critical because they can find anything, anywhere. They are the company search engine.

But before I ramble too far, take a gander at Amy's message. It's quite compelling. And more than a little enlightening.


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