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Universal "Left Hand" Search

It was a small Advertising agency. Tiny, really.

It was built around the fact that I loved great advertising, clever marketing.

And I owned a technology company at the time that NEEDED great advertising. We made and marketed lasers to the entertainment, concert, audiophile and... movie theater industries.

I mention this because one of the first things I learned about newspaper advertising was termed being  "above the fold".

This meant "making sure the advertisement or PR was located above the fold that's halfway down the page".

Above the fold is prime real estate. It's where your eyes begin looking for relevant content (what we call RichContent).

Here's an example for a search for Tom Cruise on Google:


There are two ads on the far right of the page. Those AdWords ads cost money every click (a pretty fair deal, actually. But it can add up. We have one client who spends more than $500,000 per month on those little blue ads).

Better is the news image of Heath Ledger, upper left. That's where your eyes head immediately after the search.

Creating, optimizing and injecting media assets into the web stream so they can provide Universal Search Results (above the fold, to the left) is the holy grail of search marketing at this very moment.

As you familiarize yourself with the RichContent platform, you'll see that you can "point" your media placements in such a way as to drive any given video, image, blog post, article, press release, PDF, etc... into the best position to achieve Universal Search results.

We'll address just how that works in an upcoming post.

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To your success, above the fold.
Mark Alan Effinger



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