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Musical Interlude. US Accidents

One of the most exciting elements of web search is the constant surprises. Stumble Upon built a thriving business on this process:

Search for a specific item... and 15 minutes later, you're watching a video of a new band.

Don't believe me? Here's the proof (oh, and a new favorite band in the process):

Gotye’s “Hearts a Mess”

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It started with this: A search for Radio Paradise (a favorite Internet Radio Station). I heard a tune, and needed to see the song list. That lead to seeing this interesting name in the list: Gotye. A direct search gave me back this Universal Search Result:


Now, you'll see that Gotye has enough activity on YouTube to garner some excellent Universal Search results. Gotta' love that. That's a lot of left-hand, above the fold real estate to own. The most valuable on the web (if you need a deeper understanding of what that means, just wait for my next post).

So, being a Child of the 60's, and seeing a title like Learnalilgivinanlovin Gotye snared me with this ditty:

Which triggered the Related Videos browse on YouTube, and a killer progressive tune...

Because Gotye is only using 2 video sources (YouTube and MySpace Video), he's missing a massive number of valuable inbound links, mentions and enhanced search results.

But I believe his talent will take him far (he recently returned from a tour in Japan... probably ran across Cheap Trick, which is a scary thought).

In an upcoming post, I will show how to accelerate a single media asset (video, image, press release or podcast) to join your web site in Universal Search.

I hope you enjoy the videos as well. His album is not yet available on iTunes US, but you can find used copies of his CD on Amazon.com.

Here's to your success: Above the fold, left of the page.
Mark Alan Effinger


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