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Google Analyzed

Now, before I start, this isn't about the typical metrics you expect to see in print.

No graphs. No trend analysis. Not even Page Rank.

This is a reflection on Corporate Culture by a man I believe is one of the finest and most sincere (and brilliant) web analytics people in the world: Avinash Kaushik. Here he is in his own words:

I ran across him late last year as we were establishing baseline metrics for RichContent media distribution. We truly want users to have solid metrics in which to evaluate their Campaigns.

It was a Sunday. The kids were hungry. But there I was, riveted to every word in Avinash's blog.

Now he's in Silicon Valley at Google. Not yet an employee. But a VERY happy subcontractor. (When you rave about the food, something is going right out there in Google Land).

In each company I've had the good fortune to start or be a part of, corporate culture has been a driving force. I would venture to say it is the life force of the organization.

Alan Alley, a VC and one-time head of PixelWorks once shared with me that "a great corporate culture isn't as written as it is spoken and shared, like a good story. I know when our corporate philosophies are working when I listen in on the conversations of our employees, and they make a comment that resonates with our core beliefs".

Web_analyticsan_hour_a_day In my recent trip to Seattle, John Conner (VC and founder of Ignition Partners) said that "in more than one instance they've invested because the cultural beliefs of the founders resonated with his team".

Back to Avinash. Now at Google, he lists 10  Insights From 11 Months at Google.

If you didn't like Google before, maybe this will surprise you. If you did, this will reinforce that the company DOES mean to do good, and to live a people-centered culture.

Yesterday, the RichContent team met to discuss our top 3 critical path issues. One of those was Culture (Mike calls them the "3 C's". Cashflow. Clients. Culture.)

I'm happy to anounce that not only do we have a deeply passionate and smart team, but they "get" our culture. They ARE the culture. These are the folks you want in the fox hole with you.

What's your culture? How does the culture in your business effect performance, overall happiness and innovation within your office (or even home-office) walls?
If you need clarity on what we believe, see a snippet here:
RichContent: Fun, Fame & Fortune.
Here's to a successful culture.
Mark Alan Effinger
Lead Vocals


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