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Strangers with Candie...

Here I sit, in a local McMennimen's, not far from the office.

Nearby is Candie Perkins, Will Marre' s Executive Assistant and all around guru of what needs to happen to make The American Dream Project a reality.

Today's project? Permanent Media Placement (whew! good thing we're here...;-)

So one of the more significant elements of this process we perform has to do with social media indexing and management.

What the heck do I mean by that?

It means how we help escalate social media assets to help you gain the visibility you need.

One component of this is how PRWeb has used Trackbacks to help add your voice to press releases.

So here's what I'll ask you to do: Visit the page uno momento.

Now, scroll to the bottom of the press release.

See this comment?

That's a trackback in action.

Pretty impressive, eh?

In the next post, I'll address how to use trackbacks to create a "media mesh" of traffic that helps escalate your search engine position, or create a Universal Search umbrella.

Until then,
Mark Alan Effinger


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