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Universal Search Beta 1

In the early part of this year, we rolled out our Permanent Media Placement to a handful of select clients. One is seen in the following video. Take a look:

Life Coach Will Marre' On Darwinism
Uploaded by richcontent01

The goal was both to test the platform with some "trusted" clients, and to fine-tune the process.
One client who has become a close friend of the company is Will Marre'.

Now, you may not recognize the name, but Will was the co-founder of Covery Leadership Center, the 7-Habits folks (if you're a coach, corporate trainer or interested in business and life performance, you'll probably know of Covey's 7-Habits as one of the seminal business books of the last 20 years).

Anyhow, it's been 7 months since that media placement, and it's still performing. We've been tracking the long-tail results of it's search ranking in comparison to the other 40+ video sites we've placed this one, and it's interesting to note how each video site ranks over time. I'll cover more about how Google-Bot and other spiders track these media elements. I think you'll be surprised.

It's late, but I'll return tomorrow for some insights on this.


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