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Permanent Media Placement

We know.

Sounds like one of those buzzwords you hear bantered about by fluffy marketing folk with no basis in reality.

Well, think again.

Say it aloud: Permanent Media Placement.

Richcontent_optimized_online_media What does that mean?

It means we provide permanent solutions to advertising and marketing online.

That you can use our platform to put your content on hundreds and thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of high-visibility web portals.

Big ones. Ones owned by the largest online firms in the world.

Guilt by association can be a very good thing.

In this case, rest assured it is.

If you've ever felt held hostage by a advertising channel, we've just cut the ropes.
If you've ever wondered "which of the 50% of your advertising is working", wonder no more.

Now you can take your existing content, regardless of what it is, and use it to drive web traffic, visitors and sales.


We have a manifesto which I'll attach here. This might help clarify our beliefs.

There's lot more to uncover about how the world of online advertising and marketing works.


To your media momentum.

Mark Alan Effinger

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