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Content Harmony

This is a core foundation of our approach to Universal Search. It has to do with how content types can work together in harmony to escalate your online visibility.

What do I mean by that? Simple.

Let's break media down into the 4 essential types:
1) Video
2) Images
3) Text, and
4) Audio

Now, everyone is talking about how Google displays YouTube videos in search results (the caveat being if it's optimized correctly). That's cool, and it's an important discovery. A core element of Universal Search.

But the same goes for Images as well. And News. Blog Posts. Even Podcasts.

So we firmly believe that emphasizing only one type of media is leaving big holes in your online visibility strategy.

Take the time to drum-up some images that might work with your video (even screen shots FROM your video). Take the title and description you use for your video placement. Use it as the basis for a press release, an article and a blog post.

Put together a podcast (or just pull the audio from your video, if it communicates) and add that to the mix.

Now we're talkin'!

By combining a handful of media assets into a single event (meaning a broadcast or media placement program), you gain MORE than the results of each individual element. You gain additional network effects. A sort of media mesh, so to speak.

There's more to it than just uploading the content, of course. Dozens of nuances you can use to gain additional traction for your campaign.

But the point is this: By leveraging multiple content elements together, you can gain MUCH more real estate in search results.

If you need to know more, relax. We're completing a thorough guide to optimizing digital content to perform for you.

And if you have questions, please send me an email and we'll get right to it.

Here's to your online visibility,
Mark Alan Effinger

P.S. Aaron of Prime Advertising and Design makes an excellent point about investing in quality video. I'll cover that in the next post.


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joe leighton

Hi Mark...Congratulations on some ground breaking stuff. You seem to be leading the pack in video optimization with your content harmony concept.

Copied this from your post in Chris Thomas's blog.

"Google likes to see "top-down" optimization of the media files: Account => Title => Summary => Tags => Links => Comments => Ratings => Favorites, etc..."

I think I get it from Title on down.

Would appreciate your help with the account part.

Specific to UTube, account means channel. A UTube channel has its own attributes such as title, description, channel views, subscriptions, friends and many more.

What attributes of the channel have the most influence on how Google ranks the individual videos?

Much appreciated.

Regards, Joe

ME: Hi Joe,

First, thanks for the comment. I visited your site, and I appreciate your direction and commitment to life... good stuff.

Secondly, I'm tired from a massively fulfilling day of work, but I will reply in detail sometime over the holiday weekend.

I wish you the very best, and an amazing week.
Mark Alan Effinger

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