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Viral Marketing and Sneezers

Oh man, Viral Marketing.

The Holy Grail of marketign efforts.

Simply post something funny, intriguing, about 9/11, stupid, dangerous or passionate... and the world beats a path to your door.

At least that's what they told me.

In fact, viral marketing events happen all the time.
I hear about them on NPR.
See them on the TV.
Read them in my email.

Now they find me via Google Alerts (a very cool feature, by the way).

Terryclothjumpsuitsjcpenney Here's a recent post that was originally a viral email. Marc at Emerson Direct  repurposed it as a blog post. And now I'm doing my part as a sneezer (see Seth Godin for that definition).

I stole one image for your edification. Enjoy the rest and get back with me on your favorite Viral media. I know you've got one.

Mark Alan Effinger

P.S. Hey Marc, you forgot to optimize the image for Universal Search. No problem, I handled it...;-)


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And to think that I actually blogged about Universal Search! I do dig that white jumpsuit though...

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