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RichContent PMP Technology

The RichContent Permanent Media Placement platform is a unique technology.
It takes into account dozens of factors in delivering your media to the marketplace.

As important, it helps ensure your media gets into the places your prospects visit most often.

Askcom3dsearchrichcontent_2 Universal Search creates a balance between visual elements (video and images) and text-based elements (web pages, documents, PDF's and blogs). If you understand how that all comes together in a search engine interface, then you can better manage your media assets as a form of online visibility agent.

Watch for a more dynamic presentation coming soon. Until then, just take a glance at what we feel is the state of the art presentation, thanks to ASK.com.

Click the image for a larger view. Then replace each element with your own:

Your web pages and blog posts.

Video, images and news.

It's all here, on the home page of your search. And RichContent will put you there.