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Universal Search Process

The process RichContent takes to media optimization for 3D and Universal Search is clear:

  1. Assemble your media. This is actually very, very easy, once you realize how much content you actually produce. And how much is sitting on the shelf.
  2. Develop the media delivery program. We cover this in detail with you. This is the "how far, how often, and how much budget.
  3. Develop your online visibility objectives. As you gain traction with your program, you'll see a "tipping point" of results. At that point, you might turn up the gas, or back off a bit, depending on your capacity and revenue goals.
  4. Deliver the media to our target portal partners. This is all about us. We do the heavy lifting.
  5. Secondary optimization of the media. Again, this is where our people shine.
  6. Track results. Feedback is critical to measuring results. So we provide it often, and in detail.

We have two graphs that help to share the message more than words can say.
The first is from media to editing to optimization and broadcasting. It's immediately below:


(You can click either image for more detail).

Then there's the Post-optimization program. That's where our editorial team goes back and updates the key broadcast channels and makes sure your media files are seen as "active" to viewers and in search.

It looks something like the image below.

We have some additional information regarding how this works in the real world, and a series of studies of our client's results. Please feel free to connect and we'll send you the upcoming whitepapers as they are released.