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The Advertisers Dilemma

Advertisers have a problem.

And it's getting bigger every day.

Advertising, marketing, brand development – they are all getting increasingly more difficult and expensive.

The problem?: most advertising is temporary: good for one subscription, a fixed budget (and then it's gone), or a certain amount of space, for a fixed amount of time (30 days, 90 days, etc...).

We believe every advertising, marketing and brand development effort should be persistent.
Should last forever.

should ought to work like this:

1) Pay for a broadcast or placement.

2) It pulls prospects. Reinforces existing customers. Forever.

3) Each new Ad refresh your old Ads, and creates new traffic.
    Your footprint should increase with each ad.

So that's what we set out to do.

We call it Permanent Media Placement.

Our work developing media compression technology, ecommerce software, viral marketing programs and web software bundled with consumer hardware in the late '90's was a great start.

As the lead evangelist for PRWeb from late 2003 until the sale in late 2006, things began to get exciting. Participating in the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Search Engine Strategies, Marketing Experiments, New Media Press Releases... all of it helped to build a framework for why we developed RichContent, and how we edit, optimize, distribute, syndicate, blog, ping and re-energize your content.

It helped that Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask.com decided that "Blended Search" was the right way to display search results in the future.

So, the Advertiser's Dilemma has a solution. Are you ready to leverage your media assets and dormant content to pull new prospects, customers and brand impressions for you, forever?

Think on that. Then contact us at [email protected]

*We're not down on Ad Agencies. In fact, we're your best friend. We think you can give your clients even more bang for their buck. Until now, that was a pretty labor-intensive and expensive proposition. No longer.