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  • What's the problem?

  • What will we do?

  • How will we do it?

  • What does it cost?

The Richest Content of all: Video

That's how we help Will Marre' move his message to the masses.

Here's something to think on:
every video is made up of 4 separate layers of content

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images, and
  • Text (transcription)

Each of these elements can be pulled from your video and optimized to be extremely web-friendly.

And web-friendly content drives traffic (search results and direct clicks) that can drive sales and bottom-line profits.

The coolest part? You already have video that's just sitting in your office, waiting to be put to work.

Yup. It can be that "industrial" you shot to share safety to new employees.
That tradeshow marketing piece you've been sitting on since 1988.
Or that Corporate video brochure that is currently on page 27 of your web site, seeing maybe 3 visitors a week.

It can even be a Powerpoint we turn to video, or shots of your company party we animate... an illustration in Flash, or a podcast with some stills. Any of this is invaluable content for driving traffic and revenue.

Our seasoned editorial staff are experts at taking your raw content and creating Rich Content. Content that pulls results by leveraging our exposure to over 350,000,000 web visitors across 300 web sites and syndication partners.

Turning your content into traffic is very affordable. We have RichContent Media Momentumâ„¢ broadcast programs starting at less than $199.