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Leveraging Your Words...

Advertisements. Verbose emails. Whitepapers. Strategic plans. Website copy. Blog entries.

Believe it or not, every one of these elements could be put to work for you today, driving traffic and improving your "page Rank" on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com... nearly all of the search engines.

It doesn't have to be perfect... it doesn't have to sell. If it speaks to your market, supports your industry and is made "web friendly", it will do you good.

At RichContent, our editorial staff can repurpose any of your written content to make it pull traffic to your web site (and even get the phone ringing).

They'll even pull the content from non-text documents (like transcribing from your videos and power point presentations, or your podcasts).

The end result? You've enhanced your footprint on the web. You've given search engines more fodder in which to find you.

Our optimization and Content Harmonyâ„¢ process ensures that your text is on sites that have the greatest presence in the search engines... so you can focus on what you do best (designing, marketing and selling your wares) and your RichContent drives more people into your sales process.

It's not expensive. We have RichContent Media Momentumâ„¢ broadcast programs starting at less than $300 for a full launch that will bring visible results.

Need more info? Please email Mark Alan and we'll send you a free whitepaper and case studies of RichContent in action.