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The Voice of a New Generation

Audio has an amazing ability to drive sales... IF your potential client can find it, and if it's indexed to appeal to our good friends in the search world.

Ituneslogorichcontent Believe it or not, you may have all kinds of audio just sitting in storage, waiting to be unleashed.

  • The audio track from a video.
  • A conference call you recorded.
  • Your weekly podcasts.
  • Your annual speech.

It's all content that can be optimized, tagged and syndicated into hundreds of web sites.

Now, what if nobody hears your story? No problem.

The interesting thing about the way search engines work: they don't look for the quality of the content. They look for the RELEVANCE. And that means, if your content is tagged, titled and summarized correctly, the search spiders find it, index, and link back to your web site.

And every link counts. Every link is a potential click to your site, or a call to your switchboard.

At RichContent, we understand how this all works and even have professional podcast interviewers who can help you craft a story (or a series of stories). You gain the benefit of what we can Content Harmony: where every piece of content you own is working for the same goal  to drive traffic, search engine performance and SALES.

It's very affordable. We have RichContent Permanent Media Placementâ„¢ broadcasts starting at $199.