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RichContent Management

The following are some short bios of the folks involved in developing and driving RichContent from startup to its current success

Mark Alan Effinger - CEO & Lead Vocals
Mark_alan_effinger_rodin_richconten 21-year history as an entrepreneur, consultant and executive coach. Founding twelve companies, selling six, taking one into liquidation and one to Inc. 500 has provided a fairly well rounded scope. Beginning in laser and scanning technologies I invented, patented, manufactured and marketed the number one selling laser display system worldwide. Through acquisition, the company became one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, ranking 389th in the Inc. 500. Along the way I was a founder of Mere Image Design Group (Ad Agency), Eclipse Technology (Laser Advertising), Continuum Software (Desktop Software Utilities), Storm Systems (Residential Contracting), Access Communications (ISP), CFM (Technology Manufacturing), InterClient (Internet Software), ThoughtOffice (Innovation Software), ExitPath (Consultancy), and held management positions in J.Stream (online content delivery), TechCoast.com (Internet and Venture Incubator), eAgency (Web-based and Wireless SFA for Insurance Agents), IdeaFisher (Brainstorming Software) and has held advisory roles in a number of startups, including PRWeb.com. Email Mark at: [email protected]

Spence Kiddle - VP Design & Percussion
Spence_kiddle_richcontent Spence is responsible for the look, feel and user experience on all of our web sites. In addition Spence also drives technology initiatives; provides customization for client web sites; plays a mean drum (and crafts snarky lyrics). A background in audio engineering and work with Sony Records created a platform for his incredible talent to rise to the surface. Until recently Spence also owned and operated a web and flash infographics design firm in Portland, Oregon.

Michael Pinkowski - Advisor, Deal Maker & Bass
Mike_pinkowski_ifloor_richcontent Mike is what we term "Adult Supervision". With an emphasis on Vision. Michael the MBA hails from Portland, Oregon and Ohio. There he worked with Motorola marketing newfangled "brick" cell phones into Corporate America. Along the way his considerable thirst for learning lead to an advanced degree at Ohio State, and a long-term stay at Mannington, a Fortune 500 manufacturer of flooring products. Years later he joined iFloor.com as COO, helping the company grow from $3 million to more than $40 million in less than 5 years, joining the ranks of the Inc. 500 three years running.

Andrew Bruton - Chief Technology Architect - EMO-Thrash Composer

Andrew_and_mark_2 Andrew came to us through his firm Skyrocket Development. A prolific suporter of open source, he spent his early years in academia, developing java and other object-oriented languages and applying them to motion control and diagnostics. Andrew is responsible for the integration of the hundreds of web sites and partners we call our channel. He is also responsible for the technological breakthroughs that have helped make RichContent the most powerful web distribution platform available for tapping into Universal Search. Web 2.0 and Social Media site development and integration are his favorite passtimes.

Martin Grossman - Writer & Rhythm Guitar

Martin_grossman_richcontent An award-winning writer with more than 20 years' experience writing for businesses and organizations of all kinds. His efforts have increased revenues and/or readership for dozens of satisfied clients.

With more than 25  in marketing, advertising, and public relations he done work for The Upjohn Company, United Way, Herman Miller Inc., The Kirsch Company, Mount Carmel Health, Voluntary Hospitals of America, VA Linux Systems, Third Voice, Web2Web Marketing, Personal MD, IdeaFisher, Live 365, InFocus, HealthCentral.com, Netsedge Research, LetsTalk.com, Esthetic Accents, Spark Public Relations, Copithorne & Bellows Public Relations, and many others.

Grossman has also contributed chapters to several books, including Lightspeed Business, (2001, Wiley) and as a ghostwriter and editor for Getting it Right the First Time (Greenwood Press, 2005), a book on innovative companies for two Silicon Valley consultants.

Martin has secured many prestigious awards including the Ohio State Award for excellence in Educational, Informational and Public Affairs Broadcasting, six Addys, several gold and a special merit awards by Healthcare Marketing Report, the Kirsch Leadership Award, and the Upjohn Healthcare Services Baton.

Chipp Walters - Advisor & Stage II Architect
Chipp's prior life was as founder and CEO of Human Code, a design and development firm responsible for everything from childrens toys and games to bleeding-edge software and industrial designs. Chipp and his business partner Chris are currently developing the desktop version of RichContent (think iTunes with broadcasting). We consider Chipp one of the more pragmatic thinkers and design strategists in the world.

David McInnis - Advisor, Investor & Mold Breaker

David_mcinnis_richcontent To a large extent, David is the reason we're in this business. As the founder and retired CEO of PRWeb.com, David was the innovator in RSS distribution for press releases, among his many, many contributions to the industry. David is currently and angel investor in a handful of firms ranging from social media to industrial design and manufacturing. An avid co-pilot, he is also one of the finest minds in regards to "tossing the box to the curb" and really innovating. He currently resides as CEO of Big Cranberry, a top-secret startup in the web space.

Dave, Paul, Andrew, Steve, Lulu and The Editors

We'll be bringing you more on the unsung heroes of RichContent... but rest assured that our team stretches far beyond management and technical. Our front-line employees take the brunt of the daily efforts to keep this baby on track and growing. We'll share more on each of them as we get the digital camera fired up.