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Permanent, Growing Online Real Estate

Getting found on the web has always been a mix between throwing dice and constant vigilance. Spending hours of your valuable time trying to 'optimize' all your meta tags and copy in hopes that, this week, you might just obtain that coveted top spot.

Number One in the search results.

Top of Mind to your clients.

But there's a new game in town.


It's not just about position. It's about frequency.

On the web it's not just a matter of who has the best content.  It's who has the most frequent mentions. Who owns the most online real estate.

There's a formula to this:
Good content+Lots of results in search=Credibility AND lots of Impressions.

You need to control search results. But it's a moving target (ever hear of the Google Dance?).

Don't play a game of "one-time" results, based on some secret-sauce that works for 28 days and then falls apart. There's a better way.

You can do what you SHOULD have been doing all along, and get consistently better results every week. Create a media empire using your existing content and media assets.

Delivering valuable, well-integrated content that speaks to man and machine is the key. Gone are the days of text filled pages finding there way to the top of your search results.  Tomorrow you will find pages filled with a mix of videos, music, podcasts, images, blogs and more.

Rich content, right from the search field you know and love.

It's called Universal Search, 3D Search and given enough time one hundred other names.  What you need to understand is that it is here.  In order to prevail your content needs to go to work for you.

The good part? Everyone has content that can be leveraged; Powerpoint™ presentations, emails, meeting notes, advertisements, flash presentations, word documents, xplanations, flyers, interviews... the list goes on and on...and on.

The tough part is making this content work for you. 

That's where we come in. We would like to help you make your media assets into RichContent.

And get you some nice oceanside internet real estate you can leverage forever.

RichContent | Permanent Media Placement™.
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