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Presentations As Media

Powerpoint_icon_2 Picture_7 Xplanelogosmall Camtasialogorichcontent
  • Powerpoints™
  • Apple Keynote™
  • XPlanations™
  • Camtasia™ Guides
  • Flash Animations
  • One-off Tradeshow Pitches


These presentation tools have become pervasive in our companies. They are often used only a few times before being discarded.

Well, now it's time to make them sit-up and perform for you. To repurpose your hard

Now we have two valuable elements:

One of the great aspects of a presentation is its storytelling. A good presentation already has a plot and a focus. All we need to do is convert it to Video, and deconstruct it to images and text. Adding a voiceover or soundtrack adds the finishing touch.

1) The core of a successful RichContent broadcast.

2) A process you can repeat as often as necessary to drive more online results.

Take a look in your archives and see what existing presentations you have that are gathering digital dust. Wipe 'em off, and let's see what we can do to make them pull site visitors and develop sales for you.