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3D and Universal Search

Googleuniversalsearchrichcontent 3D Search and Universal Search (also known as Unified Search or Blended Search) are how the leading search engines will begin to display search results – bringing video, images, text and audio into search results.

What does this mean for you?

Yahoo3dsearchrichcontent That every element of your content will aid you in driving better, more meaningful search results. Every image, video, podcast, blog post, presentation, animation, etc... can be optimized to help you receive more and higher rankings in a web search.

There's a lot of buzz about how this will effect your current position on the search results pages. But rest assured, you WILL need to do something with your "rich content" in order Msn3dsearchrichcontent to maintain or improve your position.

What this means is that when prospects use a search engine to find your type of business, you may be missed because your competitors have more of the essential media types optimized for search... taking up more of the page 1 search results.

Askcom3dsearchrichcontent We know this... it's a big reason why we developed the RichContent Permanent Media Platform.

The essentials of Universal and 3D search are easy to explain, but better are some screen shots to your left. Simply click each one to see how specific search engines display results. We are also completing some PDF documents from industry leaders that clarify the subtle and not-so-subtle elements that make these new technologies great... and where the pain, as well as opportunities exist.

Please feel free to use the Support button above to connect and get more detail. And we'll provide some media for you to help you implement the process on your own site.